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Telelink - Journey Management

Leave Nothing To Chance.

When you are responsible for the safety of your employees while they travel or work alone, you want to do everything humanly possible to eliminate incidents and fatalities.  Compliance just isn’t enough.

Over these 10 years, we continued to innovate and push for better results to reduce corporate risk and associated costs and ultimately, to save lives. If we save just one life, it is all worth it.

  • Protect people and assets
  • Reduce corporate risk
  • Comply with regulations
  • Implement best practice solutions
  • Be a leader in the field of journey managementTM
  • Implement the best solution that fits with your current processes and systems

Everything You Need In One Place. End-To-End Flexible Solutions.

Your needs are unique. Not every journey managementTM system is the same. You need a solution that fits your current business systems and processes. It would be even better if you could get a complete end-to-end solution in one place. With Telelink, you receive expertise and guidance up front on everything from development of a journey managementTM program, the appropriate devices, software platforms, and apps to meet your needs, and you can take comfort in knowing every situation will be responded to immediately with our 24/7 live response specialists in our dedicated monitoring and response centre. This is a team that can think on their feet and deal with any situation.

device + technology + 24/7 response = improved safety

You need a reliable solution they can count on. There is no room for error. In order to do this right, you can rely on our state-of-the-art facility - robust data centre, power redundancy, back-up systems, isolated response rooms, and latest technologies and platforms.

Installing a Journey ManagementTM solution leads to cost saving, reduced risks, and efficient fleet management.

Global Reach

We are now in the process of working with our leading clients to expand a consistent solution to their global operations.  They still need the complete solution but it needs to be able to deal with multiple languages. You have to consider and account for differences in things like environment, culture, politics, and regulations.


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