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Always Connected. Always Protected. 

Signal is a lone worker safety tool that connects you with Telelink's monitoring center - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Using the GPS receiver in your device, Signal logs your location and links it with your company profile at the monitoring center. Simply tap the screen to check-in, set your end-of-shift time, set a safety timer for hazardous situations, request assistance, or trigger an alert. Features include:

Monitored Alerts

When logged-in with Signal, your device appears in the list of active devices at our monitoring center. A help request sent from your device, or a missed check-in, triggers an alert. Telelink will call you to determine the situation and follow-up according to your company's escalation and emergency response procedures. 

Automatic Positioning 

When Signal is running, your GPS position is updated and logged at our monitoring center, so that if you do have trouble on the job, your last known location is always available. 

Proactive Check-ins 

For your continued safety, Signal's safety timer requires input at defined intervals to keep it from triggering an alert. Input can be movement of the device beyond a set distance, or a tap of the screen while stationary. Signal will notify you when it's time to check-in, and triggers an alert if you are overdue. The safety timer interval is configurable based on your organization's procedures. 

Sign-off Timer 

Signal notifies you when your shift is about to end, and triggers an alert if you are overdue in signing-off. The sign-off timer runs throughout your shift, and is configurable on a shift-by-shift basis. 

Hazard Timer

Signal lets you set a countdown timer and add notes when you are about to enter a potentially unsafe or hazardous situation. Simply cancel the timer when you are finished, or edit to extend the coverage time. Expiry of the hazard timer triggers an alert. 





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