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Journey Management

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We know you're looking for a way to keep your drivers safe and sound, to ensure that not only their cargo gets where it needs to go, but that they get home to their families. 

Keeping Your Employees Safe and Sound

Vehicle accidents are the number one cause of death for those in the transport industry. That’s why we offer fully customizable and scalable Journey Management solutions for your entire operation. Whether you have one driver or a thousand, we've got the technology, infrastructure, and expertise to design a solution that fits your needs and budget - making sure your employees get to where they’re going, safely and on time.

We’re all about taking work off your hands – and your drivers’ hands. We have specialists fully trained in Journey Management procedure and policies available 24-hours-a-day. We’re on call at all times, and our sole duty is to keep your drivers on track and safe. We check in with drivers as they depart and arrive at their destination, at predetermined points in between, and inform them of weather and traffic issues on the way. We lighten the load on everyone, so everyone can focus on being safe and getting the job done.

Installing a Journey Management solution leads to cost saving, reduced risks, and efficient fleet management. We can help design your corporate Journey Management program, backed by expert policy and procedures. 

Your Journey Management system can include any or all of the following options:

  • Proactive alert notifications
  • Integration with HR databases for seamless driver logs
  • Multiple methods of contact, including phone, SMS, and mobile apps
  • Integration of AVL, IVMS, GPS, on-board telematics, and more
  • Emergency response 


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